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Pressure gauges and thermometers for various industrial applications

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January 2016

In january 1998, by separation of production of barometers from jonit-stock company CHIRANA-PREMA…

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General reparation of higher pressure compressor

In December we realized general reparation of higher pressure compressor, which produce compressed…

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PREMATLAK is the biggest Slovak producer of mechanical tools to measure the pressure and temperature acting in the Central and Eastern Europe.

PREMATLAK develops, produces, sells and provides service of wide assortment of pressure gauges, mechanical and electronic temperature gauges, including accessories and spare parts.

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Prematlak Products

PREMATLAK product portfolio includes wide spectrum of pressure gauges and temperature gauges for heavy duty industrial applications.

Our products are widely used in many spheres of industry including heating, water, chemical, energy, automotive and food industries.

Apart from standard production, we also offer custom manufacturing services to our clients, according to their specific requirements and type of application.

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Our machinery equipment consists of many technologies used for CNC machining, standard metalworking, marking and assembly.

Our technologies include a certified calibration laboratory which offers services from the sphere of pressure and length measuring tools calibration.

Part of our manufacturing capacities are offered within a cooperation production for coverage of external orders.


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Board of Directors

Peter Moravčík
Chairman of the Board

Ing. Peter Bartošík
Member of the Board

Darek Stöhr
Member of the Board

Company Management

Peter Moravčík
General Director

Ing. Petr Hudeček
Sales Director

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Donation of monatery grants by Podporná asociála EG

16. 11. 2015

As it used to be in last years basing on donation of 2% of employee taxation of the company Prematlak a.s. during year 2014 we collected €225 for Podniková asociála EG. The same sum was donated by owners of Energy Group a.s..

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Handover of financial grants of Supporting Association EG

20. 10. 2014

On the base of dedication of benefits from 2% taxes behalf of employees of company Prematlak , a.s. for the year 2013 there was collected 233, - € for Supporting Association EG, o.z. The owners of Energy Group, o.z. contributed with the same amount of 233, - EUR. Financial aid in the amount of 466, - EUR was dedicated according to personnel proposal to Mrs.Minarechová for assistance of health care of her two sons Rastík and Peťko.

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