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Accredited Pressure Laboratory

The PREMATLAK, a.s. calibration laboratory is accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) on the basis of the accreditation certificate No. K-090. The PREMATLAK, a.s. calibration laboratory performs calibration of length scales and pressure gauges according to the accreditation scope determined in the Accreditation Certificate annex.

In addition to calibration services, we offer customers qualified service and repair of pressure gauges.


The PREMATLAK, a.s. calibration laboratory uses methods that meet customer needs and are suitable for the calibration performance of pressure gauges and length measuring instruments. The calibration laboratory is equipped with devices for the calibration of measuring tools (standards), whose metrological continuity is ensured by the National Standards in compliance with the SI International System of Measurement Units.


Calibration of pressure gauges:
Piston pressure gauge Budenberg B351
Piston pressure gauge Budenberg B352
Piston pressure gauge Budenberg B380HX

Calibration of length measuring instruments:
Length meter Carl Zeiss ULM 450
Digital micrometer
Set of threaded wires
End gauges
Adjusting rings

Range of calibrations

Calibration of pressure gauges:
Direct-reading pressure gauges (mechanical and digital) with accuracy:
0,25 %; 0,4 %; 0,6 %; 1 %; 1,6 %; 2,5 %; 4 %
Measuring range:
(from -10 to 10) kPa
(from -100 to -10) kPa
(from 10 to 100) kPa
(from 70 to 700) kPa
(from 0.1 to 6.0) MPa
(from 2.0 to 120) MPa

Pressure transducers
Measuring range:
(from -10 to 10) kPa
(from -100 to -10) kPa
(from 10 to 100) kPa
(from 70 to 700) kPa
(from 0.1 to 6.0) MPa
(from 2.0 to 120) MPa

Calibration of length measuring instruments:

Callipers with scale graduation: 0,01;0,02;0,05;0,1
Measuring range: (from 0 to 1000) mm
Micrometric measuring instruments with scale graduation: 0,01;0,001
Measuring range: (from 0 to 400) mm
Limit plug gauges
Measuring range: (from 0.1 to 100) mm
Thread Gauges
Measuring range: (from 3 to 100) mm
Limit external gauges
Measuring range: (from 3 to 500) mm
Smooth rings
Measuring range: (from 10 to 200) mm
Threaded Rings
Measuring range: (from M12 to M100) mm
Dial test and lever-type indicators
Measuring range: to 200 mm

Certificate of accreditation

Certificate of accreditation (PDF)

Scope of accreditation of the calibration laboratory

Scope of accreditation of the calibration laboratory (PDF)

Accredited Laboratory of Length

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Efficient CNC turning centres with 4 controlled axes and driven tools.

Basic Parameters:
max. workpiece diameter: Ø 170 mm
max. turning length: 500 mm
precision of turning: 0,02 mm


Vertical milling CNC centre with three coherently controlled axes, particularly medium and soft milling.

Basic Parameters:
max. workpiece dimension: 450 x 250 x 320 mm
max. workpiece weight: 50 kg
machining accuracy: 0,02 mm


CNC lathes (2 x Daewo Puma C os, Daewo Linx)
machining up to d. 200 mm, l=500 mm, precision 0,02 mm

CNC milling cutter (Slovtos FCM 25 CNC)
milling max. 200x150x100 mm, precision 0,05 mm


Long automatic CNC machine (Manhuring SWING)
machining up to d. 4-32 mm, l=170 mm, precision 0,01 mm

Classic lathes SV 18 and milling cutters F2
Automatic contouring machine A 40, A 20, AD 10
Hand drilling

Repairs of Pressure Gauges

PREMATLAK offers warranty and after-warranty services to all pressure gauges, whether produced by us, or elswhere.

Prices for repairs are determined individually according to the scope of the pressure gauge damage.

Free Consultancy

Our trained personnel provide free consultancy to assist customers with the selection, proper usage and operation of pressure gauges.